Tuesday, 1 November 2011

30 gifts for 30 strangers

oh i LOVE this.

once, i was standing on the footpath talking to a friend outside a restaurant and a man came down the street with a huge bunch of long stemmed red roses all done up tizzy with babies breath and ribbons galore. He walked up to me and sort of flung them at me and said "hey, do you want these? I just got stood up on my date" and then sort of shuffled off.

i was JOYOUS to have received second-hand, unwanted roses.
so happy indeed.
it made my day.
...actually considering that this happened in 2005 and i'm still talking about it means that it sort of made my decade (gosh, that's a tragic realisation) so, i love this little video and the fact things like that actually happen!
well played lucas.


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