Monday, 31 October 2011

hello darkness

daylight savings has gone.. and today it was pitch black by 5pm. gosh.

(it's lucky then, that just last week i spent £30 on a cashmere eyemask to block the sun... but that said, even in pure darkness i think i would still like to have a cashmere eyemask on. there's something so "i am going to sleep gloriously for a year because i am a fancy lady a la sleeping beauty without the curse, or perhaps kate middleton" about an eyemask that pleases me. as well as looking like a superhero. albeit, quite an ineffective one given the no-eye-hole situation.. but a superhero nonetheless.)

Things I blame on the fact it's dark at 5pm.
1. eating a family packet of those delightful M&S cookies. what? it's dark at 5pm dammit.
2. candice the personal trainer has met a new 6pm Monday person... and now i have been kicked to the 7am Friday slot. it really seems like the lowest of the low to be rejected by your personal trainer. i thought i was her Monday 6pm girl! i thought we had something special. all i want is for candice to love me (i am aware that this contradicts with item #1...) and she has REPLACED me. i would hate her if i didn't crave her approval so much.
3. starting a vicious rumour at work about who stole the 'team stapler'. yes. because we don't each get our own. reminded me a little of the time at oktoberfest when i became convinced my handbag had been stolen; accused everyone in my general vacinity of theft and got louise to search people's bags.... then someone told me i'd actually put my bag on the roof. oh. low point.
that said, a bit of gang rivalry at work involving 'who stole the stapler' bitchiness could actually spice things up.
4.we didn't get any trick or treaters. boo. (sad boo, not halloween-y festive boo.) likely due to the fact that we live in an apartment block down a scary dark alley where people wee on a saturday night and once there was a poo on our doorstep. yes. actually, it's prob not the dark-at-5pm issue that is stopping the children. oh.
6. i didn't see a dog dressed like this today.
although on saturday, we did see a dead, plucked mutilated duck/goose on the footpath. louise had to jump around it. again... low point. i blame the darkness.

That said, there is something to be said about commuting to/from work in the dark... it sort of makes me feel a bit like i'm going on a big exciting holiday and having to get up early to make the flight.
sort of.


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