Wednesday, 9 November 2011

getting a perm?

i have a first world problem (actually, it's safe to assume that ALL my 'problems' are first world issues given the fact that i spend most of my time making money for a bank, and the rest of it explaining to london 'baristas' the coffee to milk ratio that is required to perfect a flat white... but i digress.)
A few weeks ago i had my hair cut here and while doing so noticed that they have 'perming' on their fancy pants menu.
i was intrigued.
i enquired.
i was convinced.
i booked.
but now i am nervous and considering cancelling it and just getting it straightened again.... yes, you can see my dilemma now can't you.
so... should i try it? she said it would be fabulous and fun and i'm sort of excited by that.
but then again, will i look like bon jovi?

but frankly, he looks pretty rad eh?
oh dear.


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