Thursday, 20 October 2011

new door for dawe

My work is getting a new revolving door. Yes. This is actually quite exciting news as the old doors were insanely slow which sort of meant there was always a big line of people waiting to get into glass prison.. which is never awesome. Gives people too much time to think and start having ideas (which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that today we were evacuated from Building 2 due to a 'chemical spill' on the road out front which brought 8 fire trucks and a whole lot of police tape to our street... but i digress...)
Yesterday, I walked through the makeshift non-revolving door (and by 'makeshift' i mean that this door has always actually been there but strangely has a permanent sign on it saying 'do not use. use the revolving door'. and if there is one thing i have learnt about london, it's that they love a process and do not question the authority of a sign telling them which door to use. indeed.) to get into my security conscious building, and while fumbling for my pass which allows me to scan through to the elevators, i accidentally knocked a tampon out of my handbag and somehow managed to kick it across the floor as i walked.


It flew about 10m ahead of me and during the initial shock, possible scenarios flashed in front of me: Should i pretend it wasn't me and keep walking? should i run after it and pick it up? or should i make a bigger spectacle and pretend it was part of an art project that was too contemporary for most of them to understand anyway?
The seconds passed like hours.
I scuttled after it and picked it up.
It was a real low point.
But then i remembered the fact that we're getting a new revolving door and things were ok again.
revolving door! weeeeeee!


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