Tuesday, 11 October 2011

long lost sunglasses

Just when I didn't think i were possible to like Germans anymore, this happens...

From: kundenzufriedenheit@karstadt.de [mailto:kundenzufriedenheit@karstadt.de]
Sent: 11 October 2011 15:17
To: Dawe, Emily (Retail Products, Product Marketing)
Subject: RE: #337201: Lost Property

Unsere Antwort auf Ihr Anliegen

Hello Emily,

thank you for your e-mail! Somebody did indeed find your sunglasses 
and handed it to our lost and found station within the house. Could 
you describe these a bit more, just to make sure that we'll be sending 
you the right pair of glases/sunglases and send uns your address to 
send them to you.

Best regards,
Karstadt Munich
(Mrs. Monteiro)

this is way better than the time Lorna opened up a fake hotmail account and   pretended to be a man called 'hot male juice@hotmail.com' and offer to buy   my car if it had magic numbers in it.
This is much better that that.

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