Monday, 10 October 2011

german win

Things that are tickling my fancy at the moment.

1. Germany. the whole shebang. love. oktoberfest in munich last weekend was so awesomely german that i might need sub-headings for this one:

  • Traffic light obedience. I love that everyone is so loyal to the little green man telling them when to cross the road. I admired that so much i didn't even mind when they glared and tut-tutted at us crossing on the red (...a girl's gotta cross the street dammit!)
  • Dresses which are both demure and slutty. what fun. When we first arrived, there was a girl wearing a dirndl and i asked her where she got it from... she looked at me like i was retarded, said "umm... at a shop" and walked away. hissss (she prob wasn't german.) that said, it turned out to be true and we were dressed like locals in no time.

  • Gigantic beers. that cost less than a middy at the obh. win.
  • Songs that have actions and repeat simple german phrases over again and everyone yells and clinks their giant beers and dances on the seated part of the table (but not the actual table top. oh no. germans say no.) and clap and sing. oh germans. i wish i belonged.
  • Toilet cleanliness. I read somewhere that 6million people attend oktoberfest each year. Louise was nervous and took toilet paper in the pocket of her apron. Never fear Louise! Germans are here... the bathrooms were clean and orderly and fully stocked with toilet paper and no vomit. win.

  • Lederhosen. Which was described to me as "made from the father of bambi", which is a sad thought... because i loved bambi ever so (and, weird side-note - Deggbo told me yesterday that bambi was a boy. i always assumed bambi was a girl. this has made me question life as a whole. strange.) Lederhosen make old men adorable, young men incredibly attractive and baby men scarily kidnap-able. There is something awesome about a tradition like that, which ALL bavarians get into. i love it and wish it was mine. love.

  •  The game with the spinning floor and the giant ball that knocks people off the spinning floor until there is a winner while everyone sings fun german folk songs. Enough said.

 oh germany. you so crazy.
 i'll be back soon xoxo

2. Mayfair. It's blue on the monopoly board for a reason. Last week Elissa (who likes to lure us west at any chance..) lured me twice to Mayfair, and each time I loved it so much i didn't want to leave (to be fair, the second time I could barely walk straight from all the scones I consumed at high tea). It's so nice and fancy-lady friendly there. First up we went to a bar where the drinks were on fire and the waiter had a fake pittspurg-y accent and wore a sailor suit. The man next to me bought two (yes, two) bottles of £140 champagne; and that wasn't even impressive. (It's a sad discovery that when we were younger and couldn't afford to buy drinks, we were a lot nicer to people in bars, eh?) 

And then (obviously on a different day, given the fact that at the bar-with-the-cocktails-on-fire, there was a girl 'attached' to a man on the dancefloor and alex claims to have been the target of a prostitute recruiter... either that or we all drank too much of the drink that came in a giant shell...) we went to High Tea. We were very fancy. We drank tea, ate scones and Duncan wore a tie. 
Mayfair is awesome. 
Probs owned by the Germans.

yep. mayfair gets pretty loose for the suited-up crowd when there are fireworks and treasure chests filled with rum.

work was a blast the next day.

3. Deer. Gigantic man deer who make gigantic man deer noise (prob because they knew i liked the lederhosen so much...) which Deggbo and I found in Richmond Park on Sunday. Yeah, cause we're the kind of people who take walks in the park on Sundays now. Checkin on deer, sitting on logs... you know, the usual.

Hello my future lederhosen. Nice to meet you xx

4. Candice. My new personal trainer who is tiny and small and says things like "you're stronger than you think you are emily" and "gosh, you sweat a lot emily" and "gosh, you have a gigantic torso emily"... she's pretty awesome. 
(She makes me keep a food diary. oh)

greatest blog ever if you're into famous babies... which is my jeopardy topic obviously.

And, to bring it all down again... Things which make me not so chipper lately:
1. burglars robbing my parents and taking all my grandma's jewels and my mum's car. bastards. (although the story pam tells of the fact her stolen mini was involved in a high-speed chase through the laneways of swanbourne and ending in the car being set on fire with a petrol bomb (!) has earned me some street cred in the office...)
2. my finger hurts.
3. candice. obviously.
4. my sunglasses went missing in munich. so now i cannot see. bah.

The End. Thank you for visiting.


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  1. I like this post. Candice's existence impresses me. But who is Deggbo?


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