Sunday, 5 August 2012

olympic fever

dear olympics,

i like everything about you. i like the guaranteed small chat you can make with people at work and on the street, i like montages of winners' faces set to a power ballad, i like discovering i am fascinated about canoeing one day, then team pursuit cycling the next, i like the colour and the noise and the fact the city is always buzzing with fun, i like the hundreds of pinky/purple volunteers desperate for you to ask them a question, i like their faces when you do ask a question they can help with, i like the outdoor big screens as well as the indoor small ones in every building and event i go to this week, i like the chants and the costumes and the songs, i like how well things are working and running in the city, i like the contagious happiness that comes from Team GB doing so well, i like everything. everything.

except silver and bronze medals, australia. i do not like those.
call me un-sportsmany... but a silver is not a gold.

See you in Rio, olympics. xx

p.s- i am addicted to the series 'emotional moments of the games: day by day' photos. ah-mazing.
pyjama tops are all the rage for olympic spirit...

yep, just a marching band marching by. oh london, you're so british and great.

i've learnt my lesson with assuming golds... but, 

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