Saturday, 11 August 2012

**Guest Blog** Mr Tim does London 2012

My friend Alex's dad, Mr Tim, came to London for the Olympics. This is his story... 
G'day from W.A

"London 2012 bronze, silver and gold 
London 2012 has been absolutely fab from the moment QEII and Mr Bean stole the quirky but amazing opening ceremony through to the Brazilian carnivale at the closing. The organisation at the events, and the transport has been efficient, good natured and fun. The crowds that packed every event were incredible, they cheered at anything, and lifted the roof when a Brit appeared, becoming indescribable with  medal. 
Volunteers, and every other Brit, loved poking fun at us Aussies, made worse when they became patronisingly sympathetic. They had cause. As predicted, the Brit cycling team won more gold than the entire Oz Olympic team and TV commentators have seized on the fact that Yorkshire won more gold than Australia! Made me reclaim my English heritage. 
My bronze moment was Rebecca Addleton's interview after her 800m freestyle. She won double gold at Beijing and was one of the many Brit faces of the games. She was so excited to have won bronze at London ( behind a new world record by a US swimmer) and stuck it to anyone who implied bronze isn't good enough. Even caused a voluntary apology from the lady TV swim commentator  (Thorpedo's counterpart) afterwards. Speaking of which,Thorpedo was a hit as a commentator, coming across as articulate and entertaining, despite the "...look.." before each sentence. 
Silver is for the Aussie team which won so many. They and we have to learn that it is an enormous achievement to be at the Olympics. Watching the many unexpected winners and losers, being a world champion does not guarantee anything at the Olys. So a podium finish is a glorious result.  
Silver is also for Victoria Pendleton's interview after winning silver behind Anna Meares in the cycling sprint. There was some controversy, because she had been dq'd after winning the first of the best of three races ( by 1/1000th of a sec) in what the press had been touting as a head to head grudge match between to arch rivals . Apparently in the past they have bad mouthed each other. Anna Meares convincingly won the second race and gold. Victoria another Brit face of the games, was emotional and gracious in defeat saying they were the two best riders in the comp and should have fought the final, and that Anna was the best rider in the comp and a deserving winner. All the more dignified because it was Victoria's final ever race as she was retiring. 
As a proud Dad, I was also so pleased to see Al wearing silver in the wake of après Olly celebrations! A deserving medallist. 
Alex with superstar olympic silver medallist Chappo. The medal is bigger than her head. almost.

Golden moment was Sally Pearson's reaction and those of her fellow competitors after the 12.35 seconds of Sally's final followed by the 20 +++++ seconds wait for the official result (she won by 0.02). You could hear a pin drop during the wait. She was so excited and relieved, and her competitors seemed just as excited for her. As the Brit TV commentator said, it was the most deserving of gold for someone who did not medal in Beijing but has dominated the event for the last two years. Her hurdling is beautiful to watch. 
The ultimate golden moment - Usain Bolt's 100 or 200 , take your pick. The track and field has to be the main stage of the Oly's and Usain made himself the main event.

PC gold, commentators using the term "British" weather, we're in England aren't we?

Tim of England"

See you in Rio 2016, Mr Tim! xoxo 

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