Saturday, 18 August 2012

3rd time a pisa

A few weeks ago i did a whirlwind 24hr trip to Italy. It also marked my 3rd trip to Pisa in under a year. Gosh. Pisa is not the type of city/town/tower one would ever need to visit more than once... but at least i know the shortcut between the airport and the car rental place*

One of the best things about travelling in Europe these days is the fact that google maps still shows your little blue dot on a map, without internet access... I managed to drive from Pisa to Santa Margharita, next to Positano, with nothing but my blue dot guiding me. winning indeed.

Another geat thing about travelling in Europe is cheese. And another is prosecco. And another is pizza bases... luckily, this trip involved all of these things. (Albiet all within the 24hr whirlwind adventure, but there nonetheless)

I met my friends Rikki and Gen (another great thing about Europe!) and ate pizza bases, drank prosecco, had a nap (!), followed a blue dot on google maps, bought some inappropriate shoes then came home.

Prob not the greatest cost-per-adventure holiday, but better than being hit in the face with a watermelon. way better than that.
another great thing about europe is that people let it all hang out, which is great for the self-esteem and also provides hours of interesting conversation starting with 'what WEERE those growths on her back' and 'gosh he was hairy' type statements.
another great thing is canons. and orange shoes it seems.

Santa Margharita had lots of little streets which all looked the same... it was very confusing.

This gin&tonic (in a plastic cup) cost me €20. i am happy to help those in need.. but this is silly. i bet the gin in spain isn't €20.

toot toot.

* dont wait for the shuttle bus... it's only over the street, so way quicker to walk!

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