Monday, 6 August 2012

croatian sailing

Last week i went to Croatia, sailing for a full week.
Today, my tan is starting to peel. The dream is officially over.

Despite the obvious leprosy issue, croatia was epic; there was a toga party which involved us wearing the sheets from our beds in a bar and then continuing to sleep in them for the rest of the week, there was a bizarre peer-pressure induced push up competition which ended with an english man vomiting and then leaving the boat early (ooooh.) there was a club in a cave and a bar with a private beach lit up from underneath and lots of swimming, lazing in the sun and ordering giant cocktails served in caraffes and 'put that on my tab'. winning week.

The boat itself was old and decrepid-looking and had a strange 4-year old child on board who spoke croatian and dirty danced to rihanna songs, the rooms were like jail cells with a tiny port hole we couldn't open in case waves splashed in (this lessson took me a long time, and a lot of waves, to learn) the food made me sick and the captain's croatian-bombshell daughter stirred up controversy on every night out... but it was the greatest trip ever.

I met up with two of my faves, Gen and Rikki, who were doing a big Europe Trip (which, we constantly had to keep reminding each other 'this is not a contiki tour gen') for the week and their 'i'm on a big epic trip and don't have a care in the world except my tan lines' was awesomely contagious (tragically also contagious was the hideous epic cough/hack that everyone on board caught... gross) it was so lovely to see them and have someone who, at 3am one night, would suggest 'yes! let's catch a boat to an island club where the dance floor ends where the private beach begins. that's a great idea'. Such fun.

We sailed for 7 nights, stopping each morning to swim and play (let's never mention the fact that during one such swim/play they chose that exact moment to empty the toilets on board into the ocean... yep) and then we'd dock in a fun new location in the late afternoon in time to swim at local beaches, laze around and ask ourselves 'do you know where we are? no, me neither. shall we have another beer and sit on these beach chairs? ok. yes. good'

another day, another port, another bucket of sweat on our heads.

dubrovnik. one of the few places we knew where we actually were... awesome.
yep. those are the same sheets we need to sleep in. it was a well thought through plan.
these are the faces of pure joy. i have never wanted anything more than a giant toy horse which moves when you stand up. amazing.

apparently, before i arrived, croatia had been rain-free for 55 days... i brought the rain.


We met such wonderful people, both on our boat and ones floating by (about 15 boats all rafted-up together each night so it was like one giant boat party with everyone you know) although there were a few things i wish someone had told me in advance:

1. take a towel. in fact, take two towels. and if you do buy a croatian towel - splurge and get one which will actually absorb moisture and wont just dye your skin orange.
2. sometimes, umbrellas are not UV protective... i do not know how or why, but sometimes it is possible to get burnt from underneath 'shade'. indeed croatian sun, indeed.
3. There are more australians and new zealanders on the water in croatia than bali.
4. New zealanders are better at push ups than the english.
5. 'putting it on my tab' does not make things free.

Til next time croatia,
and i hope even sooner Rik n Gen

note: most, if not all, of these photos are stolen from Andrew and Gen... hope that's ok kids x

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