Saturday, 24 September 2011


Happy Birthday James!!

James was my first friend when I moved to Sydney, and even though he left me for a man (and thus created my ongoing paranoia that my men will leave me for my gay housemates...) is one of my greatest friends of all time. and today... today, he is 28!!! whooooop!!

My birthday wishes for you this year are:
1. Fame. obviously. in the form of a talk show where you get to sit in a giant blue armchair wearing velvet and glitter while giving your opinions and ranting about whether there are enough sultanas in sultana bran these days. and i will call in sick lots of days to watch you on television. oh the fun it will be.
2. an inside toilet.
3. a trip to London to visit me. asap.
4. love, flowers, glitter and loads of cake and champagne.

I hope your 28th birthday is full of awesome-ness and love.

Happy Birthday James, i love you xoxo

1 comment:

  1. This James guy sounds cool! THHHANNNKKKYOOUUUUU 28 is great!! All my love to you xxx


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