Wednesday, 21 September 2011

hello autumn

Autumn, as in real Autumn (not a sydney autumn, which you only notice because mary-the-cleaner-who-stole-my-shoes spent more of her time sweeping leaves than assorting the cutlery into neat little piles. oh mary, i miss you.) seems pretty cool. It means you can wear CAPES. Yes indeed. capes with little bows and little slits for your hands to go through (in a much more little red riding hood salute than a superman tribute... which actually also might be kewl - and fit in well in shoreditch i'd imagine) i have such cape now, and i wore it on saturday to much acclaim.* 

Things I am looking forward to about Autumn:
1. wearing my new loafers. with socks. cause if you can't do it in autumn in london, when can you? i do hope there are pretty leaves in london to stomp around in. 
2. wearing my new brimmed red hat a la J-Lo circa 2001 (gosh.) which i am justifying wearing as 'very autumn' yes. (the fact that it is also 'very kim kardashian' is irrelevant here, thank you.)
3. mittens. what fun it would be to have mittens. ha. mittens.
4. baking pies... i assume that is what one does in autumn, wearing capes and mittens and having rosy cheeks... that sort of thing. 
5. i also imagine there is lots of hot chocolates. and i like hot chocolates. excellent.

Autumn is also the time for oktoberfest, thankgiving (they do that here, right?) and halloween. oh halloween, you are my favourite holiday. with no brechney backyard to hooch around in, this year i will have to throw my own rival party. i hope allie comes dressed as a man again.

Autumn is a strange word to look at. Which I have obviously done too much of in the last 10mins. The m and the n are very offputting being so close to one another, but i still like it... so far xoxo

*self acclaim.


  1. But I was a man at the bad taste bash? I was Amy at Halloween. Oh yes.

  2. before I started reading, my eyes scanned over 'little slits for your hands'... I thought little Emily isn't going to make it to winter.

    (PLEASE NOTE: I am a first time Blog contributor, long time reader of the Word of Emily)

  3. dear 'first time Blog contributor',
    i like you very much. please come visit soon.

  4. Hi admin
    I read your blog, its really awesome, I love it.
    Leather pants feel so smooth and cool on your skin. They make you look and feel so hot too. Do you have a pair of pants made of leather in the back of your closet?
    MC bukser
    Best Regards
    Brooke Wright


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