Sunday, 18 September 2011

Endless summer...

For the last year, I've had an ongoing glorious summer (well, except for the week i spent in New York in March which was so cold my toes nearly fell off* and i was forced* to buy a beautiful DVF coat which, actually, might come in handy in my new life... cost per wear? DOWN! but i digress...) full of sunshine, lollipops and all things lovely and warm.

And now that I have settled* in London, the Big Chill is coming. oh yes. This scares me for a number of reasons:
1. The last time i lived in a cold place (canada, in 2005) i put on 7kg of blubber, most of which appeared to be on my face. i was a winner.
2. I own 1000 short skirts and not a single pair of trousers. sad, but true. My winter-dressing skills are limited to putting tights under summer dresses and then rushing to the car and back. This doesn't fill me with confidence.
3. I lost my umbrella on the bus a few weeks ago and have not replaced it.

So, I have decided to win at winter. oh yes. I am going to actively seek out ways to make winter awesome. 

The finale to my summer was spent in Lagos, Portugal: where the sun is always* shining.
It's lovely there: full of sunshine and beach parties where the bouncers yell at you if you dare try to swim in the pool in your underwear, even though it says 'Pool Party' in big letters on the sign. hissss. So... I will start this blog the way I intend to finish it... with the beach.

*may not be entirely true.

Goodbye summer. I will always love you. xoxo

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