Thursday, 29 September 2011

indian summer?

As excited as I pretended to be for Autumn, it pleases me no end that summer appears to be back in L-town. At the risk of being a traitor to the title of (and thus, sole purpose for) this blog… I adore summer (adawe. ha. indeed.) sunshine and lollipops and st-tropez build a tan… what more could a gal want?!*

This week was so sunny that I went to the outdoor theatre and stood up. Yes. Stood. For the entire 3 hour play, I stood up. It was a novelty to be so shakesperean...for the first 5minutes, but then I was tragically aware that I am not able to stand up for 3 hours. It was a poor display of standing ability. I may have been yelled at by 2 separate workers for leaning (read 'trying to lounge on') various parts of the stage. 

So, after that, louise and i sat in the sun with a bunch of fabulous gay men and an uber skinny dog which made me miss my boys and Stonewall more than I thought possible (the gay men part, not the dog part made this realisation… just to be clear.) and also made me decide that next on my list of things-to-do is to recruit a gang worthy of dusting off my hag status. yep.

This week I also went to a fashion show where the MC's pants were splitting and she couldn't do up her top. She was the epitome of class, it's amazing that the-beast-that-is elle mcpherson, allows her to be a judge on her show about models in the UK. tyra wouldn't stand for that. oh no. As such, i am adding 'ensure pants do not split' to my list of things-to do

Which brings me to the updated list 
1. The gay gang thing. 
2. The pant splitting thing. Perhaps a worthy addition would be to add in that if in fact my pants do split (which is highly likely given current heathrow injection status…) that it would be quite a fancy lady thing to own a sewing kit. I think Pip has a sewing kit… which I guess is understandable given how awesomely prepared she was when we had the mouse issue. Yes. A sewing kit is on the list.
3. See Pete more than once every 5 years. The last time Louie and I saw pete, I had crazily white hair and louise was into neck sucking. This time around we have less pimples and less men-dramas… and pete has the best apartment I ever did see. Complete with colour coordinated books and chairs that he had custom made. Pete is a fancy man. I hope there are more neck sucking events to be had soon. 
4. Perhaps work on my standing-for-3-hours at a time ability… although, I cannot fathom an occasion that calls for this - unless I guess you were a professional sign holder or maybe one of those statue people who paint themselves silver or look like Jesus. Sadly** I am not in the exciting world of professional standing… so, maybe I will not complete #4. winner!

I hope the weather is equally as nice in Munich, where we are heading tomorrow for Oktoberfest (nice seguay dawe.) weeeeeeee!

*answer: a horse, a brownie sundae and to be Blake lively.
** even sadder, i work for a bank. 

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  1. About time you got your Hag-on Emily. You tiny little woman. I recommend kicking off your debut into London Gay life with a French Kiss (cocktail) at Freedom just off Old Compton St.


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