Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow day

On the weekend, it snowed in London! SNOW!!!!
The view from our flat went from being the kind of place where someone vomits on the stairs, to a winter wonderland of powdery fun and excitement. White and glorious and glistening in an 'Edward Cullen in the sun' type way.... weeeeeeeee!

On Sunday morning, Alex and I met Deggbo at Hampstead Heath and went sledding. Actually, no. That's a lie. I learnt that sledding is an American word and actually English people say sledging... Weird. But what can you expect from people who also say 'I was sat down' rather than 'I was sitting down' but, I digress. Who cares about grammar when there is snooooow!!!

Sledging at the Heath on a snow day like being in a giant cool snow gang. We were all best friends. Everyone was nice to everyone else. Oh Sledgers. At one point a dog named Jessie, who alex said 'looks just like my old dog, except the colour. and the size. and it wasn't actually that type of dog....' stole one of Deggbo's gloves and ran up and down the hill wanting to be chased. Oh, it really brought the sledging community even closer together. We laughed. A man chased Jessie. Jessie barked. Deggbo's hand got cold. What fun.
We said things like 'yeah you got some sick air on that run' and 'woah i thought you were going to die when you hit that kid, but you survived! woooo!' we were like sledging CHAMPIONS!
Even when I spun our sledge out of control and threw Alex into a thorn bush it was still fun... at least for me.

On the BIG hill it was absolute carnage. There were people trying to sled with Ikea plastic bags, and Foxton's For Sale signs, boogie boards and bits they'd ripped of plastic bins on the way in... There was even a drawer. Seriously, someone brought a drawer to the Heath with the idea of using it to sled down the hill. Winner. My favourite was a man who had literally wrapped himself in plastic and then threw himself down the slope. Hilarious. Awesomeness.
Pre-fun lesson about sledding vs sledging. Oh, english friend you're so useful.

About 30seconds after this i threw alex into a thorn bush. lucky she was wearing her sleeping bag jacket.

Deggbo was a bit more hardcore on his plastic-lid sled... he was into jumps and sick air. Yes...

Moments after this, he nearly killed that girl in pink. Low point? Hilarious community bonding point!

His technique was interesting.

On the BIG hill, people were crazy. The snow wasn't as good as our first hill, but it was like a giant festive street party so we stayed.

When we came home we promptly ordered sledges online. Yep. Next snow day? We'll be ready.


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