Monday, 23 January 2012

vomit on the stairs.

On Saturday night, someone vomited on the stairs in our apartment block.
The stairs that go above where our mail is kept.
Someone vomited on our mail.
Someone did not clean up their vomit on Sunday and it stayed there all day until i rang our landlord Aggy Versace (yes. seriously. i was actually so convinced that it was a made up name and the whole rental contract was a scam when we first moved in that i refused to direct debit my bond, and instead carried £1100 in cash through the mean streets of London so i would be guaranteed the keys... but i digress.) to get a cleaner out this morning.

so so so gross.
BUT, it weirdly seems to have brought our apartment closer together... i talked to two separate people coming and going from the house today about vomit-related things. two! that's doubled the number of conversations with our neighbours i've had in the last 6 months!
Vomit is really bonding us all.
What fun.


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