Thursday, 16 February 2012

looking up

I make a lot of new year's resolutions. I also do not achieve a lot of new year's resolutions.
On my list this year, sandwiched between 'learn to braid' and 'improve french to the level of being able to discuss the economic crisis with Sarkozy if and when that opportunity arises' was a seemingly simple goal: 'Look up when i walk'.

When I told my friend Christy about my resolutions, he responded with 'yeah... you're always looking down with your arms folded when you walk. you actually look really sad and lost all the time.'
gosh. really? how tragic.

But, i started trying to look up more and tried to notice more things as i walked along.
It's made a huge difference to my appreciation of London, it really has.
(it has also made a lot of people ask me for directions and want to talk to me about animal's rights and giving money to save the trees... but, that's cool i guess...)

This week I have tried extra hard to uncross my arms and have been rewarded by seeing such fun things on my walk to and from work.

...Now, to learn to braid and become fluent in french...
I've walked past this building every day for the past 6 months. This week I noticed the sign. 

Taxi drivers in this area are all desperate to share their views on this building and how long it's taken to complete the top 

Yes. Let's adore and endure each other. Yes please. 
I walk over this bridge each day. And every day i think about the part in Harry Potter where it collapses. It's still very pretty though.

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  1. This is a great post and you are a lovely writer. I miss you xx


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