Monday, 9 January 2012

bank says no.

Today, I officially accepted the fact that I have to cancel my holiday back to Australia in February because my work says no. Boo work indeed. 
I've been in denial about this since early December, hopin' and wishin' and prayin' that maybe something exciting would happen* so i could still go (and not be homeless and broke and unemployed lying in a gutter... ) but alas.
Alas indeed.

So, instead... i will stay here in the cold and go to work. bah.


*i'm not sure what exactly could have happened... perhaps Hugo from Made in Chelsea could have offered to fund my lavish lifestyle in return for my mature advise on his relationship decisions (he did seem in dire need when we met on set that time - ooooh gratuitous mention of THIS fact. yep.. that's me behind hugo.

ha. reliving this has made me feel better already. thank you chelsea. hope you're back soon so we can find out what's happened with Rosie. gosh.

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