Monday, 23 January 2012

medieval banqueting

London is sort of overwhelming for things to do. i constantly see things on timeout or barchick or dailycandy that i think 'yes. definitely must do that'... but the list (and i guess given the fact that the list is not actually real, more just an overwhelmed brain full of names and places to visit that i inevitably forget and get distracted by other shiny things, doesn't really help the cause...) strangely had never included 'Attend a Medieval Themed Banquet'. 

On Saturday night (yes, the same night that someone vomited on our stairs) Pip threw another 'before i leave London forever and head back to Perth, i'd like to...' event at the Medieval Banquet near Tower Bridge, which meant oldie-worldie costumes, sword fights, pole dancing and alex challenging a 6 year old to a dance off. it was loose. in a medieval way.

A few interesting facts to note about the evening:

1. Libby arrived at pre-drinks fully decked out in Medieval costume which she'd secretly purchased on amazon then LIED about to us so that no one else would buy the same costume (surprisingly, amazon only have one option for medieval getup... actually, prob not that surprising at all.)  ha. Walking through Shoreditch in a crushed velvet ensemble with a veiled hat, she (again unsurprisingly) didn't look out of place. win.

Never fear, the banquet had costumes for us... although some of us - Alex - had to have boys' costumes as we were a bit late and sort of picked up the scraps.

Red riding hood/knight/MC Hammer/Jester/Paintball victim

2. Elissa has a party trick i have never seen before. She calls it 'Tension' and basically involves her walking into a group of people and falling flat on her face on the ground then standing up and walking away.
She did it in front of hundreds of people.
Many times over.
Wearing a wench outfit.
She is my new hero.
It was the greatest thing i've ever seen.
I wish I had photos of it, but i was too amazed by it each time that i kept forgeting.

everybody loves Liss' party trick.
3. Alex has a party trick which i have seen many times before... just not against a 6 year old. Alex is competitive and has a dance move which is sort of the white girl's Run DMC move... and inevitably people gather in a circle and clap as she does it (lucky she was wearing tights)
These factors didn't bode well for the 6 year old (yes, they had 6 year olds at the Medieval Banquet) who obviously was over-encouraged by his parents for his dance moves.
He went for it.
Alex went for it.
At one point she did a sort of slide across the floor on her knees towards him and did some sort of 'bring it bitch' hand gestures.
The kid had a limited repertoire and kept doing a weird run/kick type move... The crowd got restless and cheered more for Alex.
It was a weird time.

This man didn't know what was going on, the moves were so fierce.
These men fought with swords. Alex and the kid fought with daaaance.
4. Medieval food was strange, and their 'all you can drink' beer was weirdly flat and dark (someone told me it was Ale... but i dont think i know what Ale is, so no doubt I called them a liar and then drank my Ale sulkily.) as a result we resorted to playing drinking games and forcing each other to skull mugs of this 'Ale' whenever they forgot which Medieval character you were named after. Its a sad discovery when you realise you left uni 7 years ago, and thus can only remember parts of drinking games which used to be so kewl.
so Liss did her Tension moves.
...Then we were kewl again.

There was many an eligible man at the Medieval dinner. woooot.
woooooot indeed.

oh Medieval Banquet, you were a bizarre time. I hope to see you one day again... maybe 

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