Sunday, 11 December 2011

secret santa

For the last few years my family has done a Secret Santa arrangement for christmas gifts. Last year we did handmade gifts, which basically meant that in the lead up to christmas, with no actual gifts to purchase i continually bought myself little gifts and treats. prob defeated the purpose, but it was a stress-free festive season and i highly recommend it.

I had my aunt, Erika in the draw and i spend a good part of 3 months learning to knit and creating a masterpiece* scarf for her, which she wore proudly on christmas day despite the 45 degree heat. bless.

My mum is super clever and made a Gingerbread House for her secret santa. it was awesome. i really wanted her to start a gingerbread house business and make us all rich. what fun.

My dad made me a horse. yep.
He drew a horse head on a piece of cardboard and attached it to a stick which he found in the garden. After I 'unwrapped' it, mum made him take the stick outside as it was still covered in garden dirt. oh.
it was awesome.

An added part of my family Christmas is PRIZES. yes, there are COMPETITIONS with PRIIIIZES. Last year, the entries in 'best wrapped gift' was highly contested... the one in the background had a light inside that flashed and made it look like a giant candle. it didn't win. ha.

This year however, the challenge is Rhyming Gifts... yep. The rules are that the gift you give has to rhyme with a Christmas word. like star = car, or jesus christ = cheeses n mice?? indeed. Today I found my gift (and creeped out the shop assistant when explaining the joy of the rhyme i had invented...) it's even better than the fly swat i was thinking of buying (to fit the rhyme 'fruit mince pie' - 'swat the fly'.... yes...)
I'm excited to give it (or, send it to 45 degree heat, while i go skiing!)

Merry Christmas! xoxo

*may not have actually been a masterpiece.


  1. love how yall do your christmas gifts! i also like that gingerbread house!! :)

    sharde @ the style projects

  2. What a great idea! Love this. Can't wait to see the results for this year. :)

  3. Sounds like you guys have some excellent Christmas traditions going on. I love the horse your dad made you! :D


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