Thursday, 15 December 2011

ella's wedding

This week I have discovered two amazing things: 

1. My friends Allie and Chris were the creative genius (geniuses?, geniui? hmmmm) behind the beautiful photography/flowers/styling for our friend Ella's wedding last month. I've waited ages to see the photos and am gobsmacked by,
a) how beautiful ella and damien both look
b) how gorgeous the flowers (collected/arranged/styled by my lady love Allie) were
c) how talented a photographer Chris is… she may have just nominated herself as resident photographer for ALL events now!


The artist at work

Allie and chis

the boys' buttonholes... cute!

2. My friend Mark revealed he has lived next door to Brax from Home and Away for the past year. How did I not know this?? Up until he MOVED OUT LAST WEEK, mark had occasionally referenced his 'good-looking-neighbour' which I didn't really pay much attention to. (I was prob too busy watching Home and Away and being in love with Brax to listen) why didn't I listen??
This, is Brax. 

Yep. I really hope he has moved from living next to Mark straight to London.



  1. for telling you that Brax lived next door to mark? my pleasure xoxo

  2. nice and very cool views, i like it


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