Wednesday, 14 December 2011

fruit mince pies

My mama makes fantastic fruit mince pies. the best. i've never attempted to make them myself... and tonight, i proved why.
Here in London, we don't exactly have a luxury kitchen... why would you own scales or muffin tins or even a rolling pin when there are so many great cafes and restaurants to eat out at every day? right? oh.

My mama's pastry is the best part of her pies and the recipe is:
240g plain flour
120g self raising flour
20g cornflour
60g custard powder
30g icing sugar
240g butter

It took me SIX different stores to find custard powder in east london (weird?) but maybe what i should have hunted for instead is measuring cups and scales... so when it came to measuring these out i sort of guessed, based on how much i could fit in a mug (?) and then, THEN i discovered that we do not own a rolling pin (not all that problematic given how much wine we have laying around!) nor do we have cutters. in true british form, i used a mug with kate n wills on it as a template... win.

The result was not ideal.
I wish i could say they tasted better than they look.
They didn't.

Next year, i am definitely going to Perth and eating mum's pies instead. bah.

At least our tree is awesome, right?

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