Friday, 20 April 2012

Paris marathon

Last weekend we went to Paris.
Paris, as usual, delivered. The last time we went was all about macaroons, excessive spending on rue de vieille du temple and minature horses at the moulin rouge which was awesome.. but this time the best thing in the world happened: We were clapped into Sephora.
Yes. Clapped.Into.Sephora.

It happened like this...
We were in town to watch Mitch run in the marathon (which, incidentally, he dominated)... our supportiveness stretched as far as accompanying him to the start line at 8am as thousands and thousands of people lined up along the Champs Elysees. It was amazing. Crazy. Huge.

About 10mins or so before the first batch set off, people started stripping off their warm clothes and throwing them to the side (I can only assume that the kind of people who choose to run 42km on a freezing cold Parisian morning are also the kind who would think that taking a jumper off while running would waste too much time and energy... ?)
This meant that once the runners left, the Champs Elysees was left COVERED in abandoned jumpers, jackets, track-pants and the weird plastic bag ponchos they were giving out earlier... which brought in a fresh batch of 'clothes collectors' swooping up all the discarded gear into big bags and trolleys (gosh! who'd have thought!?)
After we'd had a leisurely hot chocolate and crosisants at a cafe nearby (oh it's a tough life being a marathon spectator) it was still so cold, that i actually picked up a hoodie off the street and put it on. Yes. Off the street. And wore it. All day.
It's green and huge and says 'Switzerland Curling Championships' on it.

About 10am we walked past Sephora just as the security man was opening the doors. In the time it took us to stop and decide to go inside, they started playing Rihanna 'We found Love' at crazy volume, swung open all the doors and about 30 Sephora staff lined up along the huge red carpet and clapped us into the store. They clapped in time to Rihanna as we walked the red carpet into the hugest Sephora on the Champs Elysees. 
It was the best thing ever.
And i was still wearing my green switzerland curling championships hoodie that i stole from the street.

You win some, you lose some.

Post clap in.
The tiniest evidence of my stolen green hoodie - hidden to avoid reclaiming from its rightful owner..

The rest of the weekend we shopped, had many little picnics, drank many wines and saw many fun frenchy things. 
And didn't run 42km.

Mitch was not about to be distracted by the weird men in plastic bags at the start line, oh no.
focus 3hr12m running man, focusssss

these are the faces of victory it seems...
This is the face of a 3.12 marathon runner. 

bree, baguettes and a four-pack of wines really make for the best parisian lunches.

we visited this boulangerie more times than i care to admit..
The best recommendation for eating in Paris? La Regalade Saint Honore. Ah-mazing.

As always, Paris
bisous xx

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