Wednesday, 25 April 2012

anzac day

Today is ANZAC Day: a day of remembering those who fought at Gallipoli, playing two up at the Beach Road Hotel and drinking beers in the sun.

Today we got up at 4am for the dawn service at Hyde Park.
It was amazing.

My friend Allie and I have often argued about patriotism and the idea that, often, displaying the Australian flag can be seen as aggressive and trashy (thanks very much, cronulla riots...)
I really hate the idea that this could be true. 
One of the greatest things i've discovered about England is how patriotic things get. Admittedly, my timing is perfect for this discovery, with a Jubilee and an Olympics just around the corner... but i love that in all stores, union jack flags are used as a legitimate decorative tool. It's kind of hip to celebrate being from London and saying how awesome England is... I'm sort of envious of that patriotism.

Today, as thousands of people gathered on a cold overcast corner of Hyde Park at 4:30am to honour our past and remember our fallen soldiers, i was so proud to be australian. It was such a lovely display of the positive and inclusive elements of patriotism, and i really loved it. 
Even getting up at 4am is worth that.

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