Tuesday, 20 March 2012

new jobs, daffodils and hungary: spring is coming

Spring is in the air this week, and i like it. The last couple of weeks have been sort of yucky and mean for me so i am welcoming the changing season with open arms, especially as it means these great things....

  • Daffodils. Daffodils seemingly grow wild in london... and are just (pardon the pun) springing up everywhere i wander. it's lovely and awesome and i cannot understand why they are then sold in stores for £3 a bunch... weird.
  • i have a NEW JOB! so, today i resigned from my job. it was so very scary and exciting. the last time i resigned from a job was in 2006 and my boss was a mean man who'd once called me a 'silver spooned, blue blooded fascist' (?!) so... it was a lot more scary and horrible dealing with him. Today my boss was a lovely mix of sad yet congratulatory, which was lovely... i'm very excited!
  • Easter. I am heading to budapest for easter this year with my friend Christy, and I envisage our trip to be a lot of bike riding along the Danube, eating pastries, drinking giant beers and then lounging around playing chess in giant pools. Like this.
I think Budapest (and spring for that matter...) and I are going to get along well.


(top image from walkkonthewildside.tumblr.com)

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  1. wow congratulations! I have been thinking a lot about notice lately- glad to hear people get through it- scares me having not done it for ten years!

    daffodils make everything better!


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